Little Bunyip

We won a delicious award!

We are very proud to announce that we have won the produce section of the South Australian Delicious Awards! Disbelief and delight are the two words which come to mind when reflecting on when we got the email from Lucy telling us that we’d won but we weren’t allowed to tell anyone quite yet…

We were chuffed enough to even be nominated so a huge thank you to Sam and David and the crew at Fino. It is really an honour to have our mushrooms served up on Fino’s plates. It has also been fantastic to work with chefs who understand that it takes time for small producers like us to get going and can accommodate a few stuff ups along the way!

A special thanks also needs to go to Margy Abbott who has supported us in getting started growing pink oyster mushrooms. Margy funded us to buy our first few rounds of pink oyster spawn so we could start supplying AMJ Produce with lovely ‘neapolitan’ mushroom boxes with pink, white and phoenix oyster mushrooms.

So now we need to make sure we grow some super dooper perfecto mushrooms to wow the judges in Sydney! Fingers crossed!

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