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The Watervale Experience – part of the Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend 2018

The Clare Valley, where we live, does wine really well. It also does restaurants really well. What is doesn’t really do at the moment is paddock to plate food experiences, where visitors can meet with farmers, learn about how a particular food is grown and then eat a meal which showcases that food.

This is why we’re really excited about The Watervale Experience.

We’ve teamed up with The Watervale Store and Crabtree Watervale Wines to put together this special event which is a part of the Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend 2018. Now in its 34th year, the Gourmet Weekend is a chance for locals and visitors to get out and about, drink a lot of very nice wine, see the Valley and eat some delicious food.

We’re adding a hands-on component to the weekend with this event – we start with a workshop on how to grow yummy oyster mushrooms hosted by Chris and I, then everyone sits down together to eat a fungi inspired feast prepared by Lou Haines which is matched with delicious Crabtree Wines. You also get to take home your own mini mushroom farm – an inoculated oyster mushroom bag made by you which will grow a heap of mushrooms in your home.

For us, The Watervale Experience is about sharing what we know with people who are a part of the Gourmet Weekend. Tickets are $165 which gets you the workshop, your mini mushroom farm, a four course meal and excellent wine with lunch.

To book head to – we look forward to seeing you there!

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