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Chris NÜss



Father, partner, geek and farmer. I have spent a good deal of my life looking at how things work. I am prepared to get into the back end of most things, learning, testing and making mistakes. I savour the gold that is there. 

I work out practical systems that help us as humans, whether it is designing a web site or working out the best fence line for a keyline farm plan. Little bit by little bit I am finding the spirit and soul in all things.



+61 (0)429 842 942




121 Sollys Hill Road, Watervale SA 5452 Australia


linux | open source philosophy  design | learning | music  regenerative agriculture


family | spiritual & ritual practice  freedom of speech | simplicity  human & earth health


1998 – 2021

Web and Graphic Design
Professional and personal.

I have a high level of understanding of WordPress and Joomla web design software including:

  • System administration;
  • HTML structure;
  • Intermediate CSS coding;
  • Image preparation and optimisation;
  • Debugging tools;
  • Responsive testing;
  • Deployment and backup systems;
  • Basic SEO knowledge and;
  • Develop/Staging/Production environment setup.

I spent three years co-running a graphic design print brokerage business in Brisbane, QLD. This included managing all aspects of print production from graphic design, layup of multi-client print runs to proofing and delivery of final print products.

I also spent 12 Months as print bureau manager for Brisbane based commercial printer.

2001 – 2021

Linux System Enthusiast/Hacker/Administrator
Personal Linux network for home and business

I have 20 years of experience installing, configuring, ruining, fault finding and administering Linux server and desktop operating systems focusing on the Debian distribution and it’s derivatives.

Key skills include:

  • Debian and CentOS distribution experience;
  • Software installation and management using apt and yum;
  • Kernel module administration;
  • Volume management using partitions and Logical Volume configuration;
  • User/permissions management;
  • Backup configuration and admin using CRON;
  • Simple BASH scripting;
  • Simple CLI text processing and admin using GNU coreutils;
  • System services management using systemd and init.d;
  • Remote system management using SSH and SCP;
  • Server software administration including:
    • samba, apache, nginx, php, veeam, wordpress, joomla, ftpd, sshd, ansible, gitea, cups;
  • GUI desktop management and;
  • Basic networking administration.
2015 – 2021

Business Owner and Operator – Little Bunyip Farm
Watervale, South Australia.

I spent three years producing oyster mushroom and five years producing micro-greens. This involved weekly deliveries to restaurants in the Clare and Barossa Valleys. I also supplied high end Foodland supermarkets with packaged and ready to eat salad micro-greens for two years.

In 2020 we moved into dryland orchard farming with the planting of 3 hectares of Australian native wattle seed trees with the intent of supplying the wholesale food producer market.

2003 – 2015

Renewable Energy Electrician
Alice Spring, Northern Territory & New South Wales.

From 2011 to 2015 I was a Renewable Energy Electrical Contractor with contracts with Bushlight. Tasks and responsibilities included:

  • Tendering, wining and conducting remote area renewable energy maintenance contracts;
  • Energy system maintenance in remote Australia;
  • Energy system component testing and replacement;
  • Advisory role for Bushlight staff;
  • Employment of contract labourers and;
  • Completion of all contract paperwork, documentation and safety compliance to a high level.

Between 2010 and 2011 I spent six months delivering training in a Certificate II in Renewable Energy Technology in Maningrida to the men of the Bawanaga Aboriginal Corporation Housing Department. This was followed by a further 6 months of working with these men as an electrician/trainer for Bawananga Aboriginal Corporation.

I held a contract as a renewable energy maintenance officer with Bushlight between 2008 to 2010 at the Centre for Appropriate Technology. Tasks and responsibilities included:

  • Auditing of remote aboriginal outstation power supply systems;
  • Development of the auditing processes and checklists;
  • Coordination and scheduling of electrical contractor maintenance programs throughout Australia;
  • Data entry of auditing and maintenance checklists;
  • Electrical systems adviser for Bushlight installation section and;
  • Responsibly working in Aboriginal communities.

Between 2003 to 2008 I was employed as an electrician with Rainbow Power Company in Nimbin NSW. My responsibilities included all aspects of renewable energy system design, sales and installation.



Certificate IV in Renewable Energy Technology
Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne VIC

  • 1 year full-time Certificate IV in Renewable Energy Technology. Electrical Theory, generation, storage and maintenance.

Certificate II in Information technology
Townsville City Council, Townsville QLD

  • 1 year on-the-job Certificate II in IT working on the councils’ help desk and remote sites administration and maintenance.
  • Windows XP desktops running Cirtix Terminal and Linux/Solaris/Citrix server environment.
1988 – 1992

Electrical Trade
North Queensland Electricity Board, Townsville QLD

  • 4 Year Trade Certificate (Cert III) as an Electrical Fitter Mechanic with the local Electricity Distribution Board. Focus on industrial electrical control and utility scale systems.

Ignatius Park College, Townsville QLD

  • Year 12 High School Certificate

Professional Skill


Linux System Administration
Web Design & Admin

Business, Trade & Practical

Business Managment
Planning/Time Managmement
Renewable Energy Maintenance