Little Bunyip

5 years here

On the 18th September 2015 we moved here from our previous life. So many ideas and inspirations. Now? Many different ideas, especially about what is actually important in life and how we live it.

Charcoal Production - Trial
Charcoal Production – Trial 1

A few months ago I started my first trials of producing charcoal from trees that we cleared from our largest paddock. The project that called for the felling all the trees is the culmination of 5 years worth of wondering how we can ‘be’ here with this land we are on with all it’s limitations and opportunities.

There has been so much removing of things that seem to be in the way, or in the wrong place. Some of those things were our own creations and ideas. At least now we feel that we are getting to the end of the removing other peoples ideas and things phase of being here. For myself, the removing of my own obstacles in the form of ideas, creations and thoughts that are not applicable or useful any more will be the challenge of the next 5 years. Finding the core essence of the inspiration of the out dated ideas and thoughts is a little like burning away the volatiles and being left with a nice solid lump of charcoal. We can do lots with charcoal!

Here’s to new projects!


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