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2020 Changes to Microgreen Production Business

Our governments response to the novel COVID19 virus closed down, or severely limited the capacity of, roughly half of my customers.

This put me in a difficult position regarding the business viability. As a result I shut down all my production in April 2020 and decided to wait this period of time out by building rock walls, earth bag retaining walls, clearing some old junk off the farm and generally pondering the situation I find myself in. I did consider keeping on supplying our retail customers while the restaurants were shut but I couldn’t justify the costs involved in harvesting, washing, grading and packing.

This time off from my regular production schedule give me time to re think what I have been doing, what has been worthwhile and what I feel that I would not like to do any more.

From now on I will only be supplying living microgreens in 350 x 150 x 50mm trays.

This means I will not be harvesting and supplying cut microgreens in either punnet or zip loc bags. I have made this decision to maximise the use of my current investments in the business, minimise future investments to production space only, minimise processing labour time and maximise quality improvements.

My sales model is changing from direct sales to my customers to an exclusive distributor for Little Bunyip Microgreens.

I am currently in negotiations with distributors for my microgreens to the entire Adelaide and SA regional restaurant, cafe and catering markets. Until I finalise this distribution model I am happy to supply direct to any customers via my contracted transport company

As of June 2020, Little Bunyip Microgreens will be available in the following varieties:
Basil – Genovese (warmer months)
Basil – Purple (warmer months)
Coriander – Ally
Green Mustard – Red Giant
Radish – Green Daikon
Radish – Purple Sango
Red Mustard – Barbarossa
Red Orach
Snow Pea – Casper (tendrils)
Tat Soi – Purple Royal
Ella, Syliva and Chris
Ella, Sylvia and Chris in one of the Little Bunyip Microgreens hoop houses.

For the past 4 years Ella and I have been growing this business with lots of changes along the way. This is another iteration in this process and I thank everyone who has supported us along the way. I hope I can continue to grow food for you all and for you to share our lovely produce with as many people as you can. I wish everyone who has been affected by the response to this virus all the best in finding your ways through the changes to our lives that have been forced upon us.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more or would like to know when the first batches of beautiful Little Bunyip Microgreens are ready to eat!.

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